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Magic: Spell Failure


When an Arcanist formulates their spells they weave raw magic into a lattice of rituals, words, symbols, objects, gestures and materials. If they fail to execute the casting properly, the raw magic can release [...]

Magic: Spell Failure2023-11-13T12:43:36-06:00

Magic: Familiar


Familiars are spirits that manifest in Andrus due to a connection to an individual’s attunement to the magical energies surrounding everything. Just because it manifests as a dog, cat or bird does not mean [...]

Magic: Familiar2023-10-25T11:19:29-05:00

Magic: Mender


Menders typically combine their understanding of physical healing and natural remedies with their connection to the magical energies that permeate all living things. A Mender focuses the magical energies surrounding them through the lens [...]

Magic: Mender2023-11-13T12:40:19-06:00

Magic: Maje


Maje are innate magic users capable of manipulating magical energies flowing around them to produce subtle but fantastic effects. Typically there's something in their ancestry, a magically charged event in their background or even [...]

Magic: Maje2023-10-25T11:21:01-05:00

Magic: Arcanist


Arcanists spend countless hours researching, reading, studying and documenting the world around them in an effort to influence magic using arcane formulae, weaving magic into written scrolls and constructing items to store and channel [...]

Magic: Arcanist2023-10-25T10:54:21-05:00

Magic in Andrus


Magic is the touch of wonder that allows any unbelievable thing to exist in a fantasy world. It provides the reasoning for flight without wings, defiance of otherwise accepted laws of nature and general [...]

Magic in Andrus2023-10-25T13:21:49-05:00
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