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Lower Andrus: Darkbreach


This place is the topic of many bedtime tales. This is where all the boogymen come from and where bad children are dragged to be eaten by the Shadow. Facts about this place are [...]

Lower Andrus: Darkbreach2023-11-18T08:43:20-06:00

Lower Andrus: Clutch Glades


I. Cultures This is the ancestral homeland of the Yusk. They emerged from the swamps and marshes, formed communities based on family lineage. A great leader arose and consolidated the disparate communities into an [...]

Lower Andrus: Clutch Glades2023-11-17T21:32:59-06:00

Lower Andrus: Spires of Aethakaya


I. Cultures Medusa Matrons and Handmaidens established these ancient cities that almost appear to have grown out of the jungle with their winding walkways and sparkling crystal towers glittering from dawn to dusk. The [...]

Lower Andrus: Spires of Aethakaya2023-11-17T21:22:01-06:00
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