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Bestiary: Ghouls


Ghouls are twisted, undead servants of the Shadow. They are sentient and cunning. Ghouls are created through the corruption of a corpse during death. This breaks the mind and creates a devoted servant for [...]

Bestiary: Ghouls2023-11-18T07:51:19-06:00

Beastiary: Naga


According to their fragmented histories the Naga were children of the First Egg Emperor, Soz the Radiant. They emerged from their clutches and began to subjugate those they deemed lesser. Naga society evolved into [...]

Beastiary: Naga2023-11-18T08:25:55-06:00

Bestiary: Medusa


Medusa are feminine appearing serpentine creatures with oracular powers. Medusa are broken into two castes, Maidens and Matriarchs. Maidens are bipedal humanoids with fine scales and serpents as hair. Maidens serve their Matriarchs unerringly [...]

Bestiary: Medusa2023-11-18T08:32:03-06:00

Bestiary: Dragons


Dragon or Draconic are used to refer to any of the large, reptilian, scaly creatures that are cause for honest fear or awe due to their raw destructive power. Draconic species are rugged, large [...]

Bestiary: Dragons2023-11-17T22:01:18-06:00
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