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Bestiary: Ghouls


Ghouls are twisted, undead servants of the Shadow. They are sentient and cunning. Ghouls are created through the corruption of a corpse during death. This breaks the mind and creates a devoted servant for [...]

Bestiary: Ghouls2023-11-18T07:51:19-06:00

Faith in Andrus


As you explore Andrus you may notice the lack of details on faith and deities throughout the setting material. Faith in role-playing games is nearly always a rehash of familiar, real-world pantheons and powers. [...]

Faith in Andrus2023-11-08T12:57:01-06:00

Voren Clanhold


Tucked away over the Deepforge Mountains the Voren Clans survive and even thrive. Voren are industrious, generally social and have mastered the art of sailing in the harsh northern seas. [...]

Voren Clanhold2023-10-21T14:08:23-05:00

Medusa Serpent’s Spire Enclave


On a small piece of land the Medusa established an enclave of Maidens and Kasia to advise the Yusk in their battle against the Naga. Once the conflict ended a small contingent remained to [...]

Medusa Serpent’s Spire Enclave2023-10-23T11:23:08-05:00

Yusk Colonies


This peninsula is home of the Yusk settlements on Upper Andrus. Salt marshes, modest villages and savage flora and fauna make traveling this wilderness dangerous.

Yusk Colonies2023-10-23T11:22:47-05:00

Daza Hunting Grounds


The only remnant of the ancient Naga Imperium this thick jungle is home of the fierce Daza. This is also one of the best places for big game hunting with a thriving population of [...]

Daza Hunting Grounds2023-10-23T11:22:25-05:00

Misa Pridelands


Home of the nomadic and fiercely independent Misa Tribes. Only a handful of what could be called settlements exist primarily for annual festivals and Pridemoots. The Misa are avid hunters and provide some of [...]

Misa Pridelands2023-10-23T11:21:56-05:00

Illiwyth Rhidole


The whole ocean is their realm but they lay claim to an island where they build and maintain their fleet of ships. A capricious society full of corsairs, pirates and fishermen depending on the [...]

Illiwyth Rhidole2023-10-21T14:05:04-05:00

Kyne Daas Wastes


A lost people wandering a wasteland seeking redemption for deeds performed long ago. Honorable to those worthy, savage to those unworthy. Magic use is generally taboo among the Kyne Daas. Not to say they [...]

Kyne Daas Wastes2023-10-21T14:04:27-05:00

Ustara Septlands


Home of the Dragon People; warriors, scholars and commoners all follow their Sept's Dragon Lord. The Ustara live simple lives in harmony with their Draconic mentors and the wilderness around them. The Dragon Lord [...]

Ustara Septlands2023-10-21T14:03:24-05:00
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