The Oranos

Current Fitting: Exploration & Transport


The Oranos is a utilitarian vessel that epitomizes the “form follows function” design mentality.

The original purpose of the craft was to search out rich mineral deposits, harvest them, and bring them back.

The ship is built around a custom mining equipment and storage containers, with minimal living areas fore and cargo space aft. Four VTOL engines provide for precise maneuvering and rapid transport even when heavily encumbered.

The current configuration is as a straight cargo hauler. Both cargo modules offer a side load opening on each side. The containers measure 15x15x35 feet and are certified for up to 50 tons of cargo each.

TIER 5 Update

Medium explorer

Speed 12; Maneuverability good (turn 1);

Drift 2

  • Armor Class 13
  • Target Lock 13

Hull Points 65; DT n/a; CT 13

Shields Medium 200 (forward 50, port 50, starboard 50, aft 50)

Attack (Port) light plasma torpedo launcher (3d8, 20 hexes, limited fire 5)

Attack (Starboard) light plasma torpedo launcher (3d8, 20 hexes, limited fire 5)

Attack (Turret) light particle beam (3d6, 10 hexes)

Power Core Pulse Red (175 PCU);

Drift Engine Signal Booster; Captured Mi-Go Fold Drive


  • basic long-range sensors
  • crew quarters (common)
  • mk 3 armor
  • mk 3 defenses
  • mk 2 duonode computer (tier 2)

Modifiers +2 to any two checks per round, +2 Computers

Build Points cost 135, max 135

Power Core Units non-essential 167, essential 152, max 175


From the “Sengdao 3” issue of the Armada Codex by Ryan Wolfe. Visit for pictures, docs, posters, and miniatures.