• Name: Kallie'Dar Gallion
  • Species: Female Drow
  • Profession: Witchwarper
  • Specialization: Noble Scion (Outcast)

Background: Drow are traditionally adherents of Abyssal and Infernal beliefs. They revel in the misery of others and control over anyone they perceive as lesser. Once every few generations a child emerges as an aberration. Other powers, older than the the infernal or abyssal call to them and they frighten even their own kind. Most often this difference is discovered and snuffed out before the child can comprehend their patrons gifts.

This generation the child was hidden, tutored in skills to hone and explore their power. Kallie'Dar, on reaching maturity, understood that her lot in life was to be a weapon controlled by her family for their own gain. Her patron had other plans. An opportunity created by her reality bending skills allowed her to slip away from the family holdings and onto a transport headed for the edge of the Vast.