Wight are the corrupted remains of previously living beings. They serve the Sepulcher Throne without question. They are most often found as foot soldiers in their never-ending war against the living realms.

Wights are shorter than the average human and slighter in build. They are typically shrouded in grave wrappings, robes and heavy cloaks. They are supernaturally agile and have the unnerving ability to move from one shadow to another.

The dark energies fueling a Wight are released violently upon their defeat, destroying their body and inflicting harm on anyone near the blast.


  • HP: 6
  • Trait(s): Small, Undead, Shadow Walker
  • Drawback: Allergy (Sunlight) – Disadvantage on all Tests while exposed to direct sunlight


Wight are created by interring a recently deceased corpse of a sentient being in a specially prepared urn. This vessel is scribed with corrupting sigils and acts as a focus for the Shadow’s energy, infusing the enclosed corpse. This results in the shrunken physical form of the original creature. This vile practice is why cemeteries in large cities often harbor enclaves of Ghouls who use the recently buried to bolster their forces. This is also why cremation is becoming a more common practice for the honored dead among various cultures.


Wights can be created in any land where the ghouls have established a stronghold. They often serve as shock troops and shadowy spies.


Wights are created with a blind obedience toward their Ghoul masters and service to any other leaders that serve the Shadow.

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