Medusa are feminine appearing serpentine creatures with oracular powers. Medusa are broken into two castes, Maidens and Matriarchs.

Maidens are bipedal humanoids with fine scales and serpents as hair. Maidens serve their Matriarchs unerringly for life. They act as emissaries and handle most of the Medusa Kingdom’s administration with the guidance of the Oracles.

Matriarchs are large or huge serpents with a humanoid upper torso and serpent hair. Matriarchs are effectively immortal. These leaders are powerful oracles with insight attributed to ancient and powerful beings. Their grasp of the unseen and unknown is both a gift and a curse.

Matriarchs are few and reclusive, rarely granting an audience to any outsider. They prefer their Maidens or Kasia vassals to handle direct interactions.

Medusa Maiden

Venomous (Paralytic) Heritage Trait
* Heritage Composer, pg 31

Medusa Matriarchs

Big Heritage Trait
Foresight Heritage Trait
Hypnotic Gaze Heritage Trait
* All traits can be found in Heritage Composer