According to their fragmented histories the Naga were children of the First Egg Emperor, Soz the Radiant. They emerged from their clutches and began to subjugate those they deemed lesser.

Naga society evolved into three castes: Royal, Priest and Common

Common Naga were bipedal humanoids covered in fine, dull scales. These were the foundations from which Soz built his Imperium.

Priests were of a similar size to the Common Naga but they shed their legs for a snake’s lower extremities and developed an innate affinity for dark magic.

Royal Naga were large, powerful creatures possessing both physical power and a deeper understanding of dark magic. Royal Naga shed all recognizable humanoid features except their face. Royal Naga were effectively immortal, succumbing to death only through violence.

Naga submitted to dark rituals to advance into the next caste. If successful, the petitioner would emerge from a large ‘egg’ in their new form. Thankfully, these rites were more often fatal than successful.

Access to the Ritual of Ascension was governed by a counsel of the next caste. As a Naga advances, their already long lifespan increases as does their dark power.

Naga also tapped into twisted magics used to alter creatures both physically and mentally through ritual and experimentation. Naga were served or amused by their creations and often use them to engage in blood sport. This is the source of the Daza and their continued presence on Andrus.

The degenerate lesser naga that still lair across Upper Andrus are pale shadows of their Royal ancestors being smaller physically and weaker in magical aptitude.