Gateway to the Ki Nebula

This Argo-class deep space station, wholly owned and operated by Oryx Corp, is the transit hub for all traffic in and out of the Ki Nebula Sector. Strange as it may sound the station does get a reasonable amount of tourism, usually individuals or groups traveling the universe seeking enlightenment through cosmic experiences. Oryx also operates a very aggressive recruiting program to keep new contract laborers flowing into the Ki Nebula harvesting operations.

The Habitation Ring is broken into six sectors identified with specific colors.

  • Red Sector is home to the main administration area and bridge.
  • Orange Sector holds a variety of areas ranging from parks to shopping to engineering.
  • Yellow Sector is the primary residential space on the station.
  • Green Sector contains the station’s main park and CO2 reclamation system – a long expanse of bioengineered grass, trees, and shrubbery.
  • Blue Sector houses a hotel-casino on one side of the transit tube and a collection of businesses on the other.
  • Violet Sector is the least visited of the habitation sectors, no area here is open to the general public.

Cargo processing is paramount to traffic control since it’s the only reason anyone is employed. Passengers often wait hours to board or leave the station.

Quick Specs

  • 200 staff (command, pilot, engineering, and security personnel)
  • Up to 450 passenger capacity
  • Detention center holds up to 32 prisoners
  • Med bay has space for 28 patients
  • 36 quad-bay hangars in the Hangar Ring (Suitable for ships up to small size)
  • 12 single ship hangars in the Hangar Ring (Suitable for ships up to medium size)
  • 36 individual cargo bays in the Cargo Ring


  • 72 Aeon-class Fighters (18 quad-bays, 3 squadrons of 24)
  • 30 Light drone fighters (Launched from external moorings)
  • 1 Seraphim-class Escort Freighter (carries 6 small support ships, 5 drone bays)

Image and base information from Future Armada: Argos III published by Ryan Wolfe of