Fae, Tallor

The Tallor Fae are among some of the most beautiful beings on Andrus. They are also some of the most motivated to change things. It was the Tallor that convinced the Waer to assist the human tribes to break the chains of their masters.

Calm and collected in mixed company, the Tallor conceal a fiery temper that once lit will consume anything that gets in their way. Their elemental gifts require control and focus.

Hundreds of years ago a mysterious event nearly decimated the Tallor. Now only a small number wander the world quietly influencing events that help all the cultures progress.

Physical Description

Tallor Fae typically stand no less than six feet tall. Hair and skin are always among the lighter tones being gold or platinum blonde colored hair with an often ghostly complexion bordering on luminescent. Golden eyes flare fiery red when a Tallor becomes annoyed. Graceful yet prominent, pointed ears provide keen hearing.

Tallor Fae favor simple clothing typically in white with only subtle tints of color in some cases.

Tallor Fae are among the longest lived of the Fae cultures. Adulthood is reached at a mere 25 years while old age varies from 200 to 350 years. This longevity provides a perspective many shorter lived cultures miss entirely.


Tallor Fae are few and rarely discovered in unmixed company. There are no known settlements of Tallor today. Hundreds of years ago they called the remote wastes of the north home. Their ancestral home is now lost to legend.

Tallor often serve as advisors or arrive to assist with an problem before anyone realizes it is a problem. They are staunch defenders of independence and freedom. A Tallor rarely speaks more than a few syllables. when one does speak, it’s advisable to listen carefully.


Having lost their ancestral home the Tallor seem to make a habit of helping other cultures head off disasters before they happen. This is a double edged situation. In many cases Tallor are celebrated as saviors, however, they only seem to show up when something bad is about to happen.

All races maintain good relations with the Tallor. Heeding their warnings has saved many a commoner and noble alike. Tallor hardly ever settle in a single place for more than a few years so the entire culture seems nomadic.

Alignment and Religion

Tallor are an independent and motivated culture. They have an raging fire under their usually calm exterior. A Tallor that loses his composure can be a walking disaster.

Tallor have to work at keeping their calm and avoiding succumbing to their primal elemental influence. Their intellect provides the structure and law to keep the chaos of their inner nature.

The Tallor tend to be lawful in alignment due to the discipline required to keep their inner flames from overtaking them.

The Tallor tenets revere various aspects of fire in their lives. Fire is neutral with no actual will of it’s own. The application of fire determines boon or bane.

Tallor Priest domains typically include one or more of the following: Destruction, Fire, Glory, Law, Liberation, Sun or War.


Tallor wander the world in search of old magics and lost knowledge. They also explore in order to protect others from unknown dangers. Tallor Adventurers, in the most common sense, are not terribly unusual as having companions helps break the monotony of travel and helps increase the chances of survival.

A Tallor adventurer, as part of a group, may have ulterior motives beyond the groups core goals but his loyalty to the party is never under suspicion.

Common Names

  • Male: Aja, Denat, Efit, Elum, Jalij, Maqej, Urah.
  • Female: Alayi, Etwa, Maqan, Qari, Sami, Zetaya.

You Might…

Others Probably…

Hit Points: 6

Size: Medium

Speed: 25 feet

Ability Boosts

  • Dexterity
  • Charisma
  • Free

Ability Flaw(s)

  • Wisdom


  • Common, Fae
  • Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if it’s positive).

Low-Light Vision

You can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light.