Fae, Talath

Stoic and contemplative, Tallath are not easily moved, yet almost unstoppable when spurred to action. They remain a mystery to most of the world thanks to their reclusive nature, but those who seek them out in their secluded mountain hideaways find them to be quiet, dependable, and protective of their friends.

Physical Description

Tallath Fae are strong and solidly built, with skin and hair colored stony shades of black, brown, or gray.

Smaller in stature a typical Tallath stands no more than five feet tall. Based on their heritage they tend to be stocky, broad shouldered and muscular.

As Tallath age they develop more pronounced signs of their elemental heritage—skin that shines like polished onyx, rock-like outcroppings protruding from their flesh, eyes that gleam like gemstones, or hair like crystalline spikes.

They often dress in earthy tones, wearing practical clothing well suited to vigorous physical activity and preferring fresh flowers, simple gemstones, and other natural accents to complex manufactured jewelry.

Tallath Fae live notably longer than the average human. Adulthood arrives at 20 years while old age arrives at around 150 years.


The Tallath Fae have established strongholds in nearly every major mountain range. They also have a well-deserved reputation among other races for being hermits and loners. Few take well to the bustle of city life, preferring instead to spend their days in quiet contemplation atop some remote mountain peak or deep below the earth in a secluded cavern. Tallath with a greater tolerance for life among humans often join the city watch, or find some other way to serve their community in a position of responsibility.


As previously stated Tallath are less than sociable with most other races. They interact with familiar traders to pass their masterfully forged goods to other markets. If it involves working metal or stone no better craftsmen can be found.

Alignment and Religion

Tallath are, perhaps above all else, set in their ways. Any disruption of their routine is met with quiet disapproval.

Tallath are fiercely protective of their friends, but don’t seem particularly concerned with the well-being of those outside their small circle of acquaintances. As such, most tend toward lawful neutral.

Religious life comes easily to the earth-touched. They appreciate the quiet, contemplative life of the monastic order, and most dedicate themselves to the worship of their elemental patron power of earth.


Tallath Fae are initially hesitant adventurers. They dislike leaving their homes and don’t handle the shock of new experiences well. Usually it takes some outside force to rouse them into action, often by threatening their homes, lives, or friends.

Once the initial threat is dealt with, however, Tallath often find they’ve grown accustomed to the adventuring life, and continue to pursue it through the rest of their days.

Tallath make good monks and fighters thanks to their prodigious strength and self-discipline.

Common Names

  • Male: Andanan, Jeydavu, Mentys, Oret, Sithundan, Urtar.
  • Female: Besthana, Echane, Ghatiyara, Irice, Nysene, Pashe.

You Might…

Others Probably…

Hit Points: 8

Size: Medium

Speed: 25 feet

Ability Boosts

  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Free

Ability Flaw(s)

  • Dexterity


  • Common, Fae
  • Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if it’s positive).

Dark Vision

You can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light.