Creating a role playing game setting is complex on a good day. I decided to track, to the best of my ability, the progress on each of the facets under development in this setting. All progress bars are estimates because as I grind through various aspects of the setting new things evolve, adding to the depth and moving the “completion” goal post.

Setting Completion 25%


With all the cultures present across Andrus, history with either bind them together or put them at odds with each other. This section is intended to provide a detailed historical point of reference for each culture. Weaving them all together is a herculean task so it will likely be one of the slowest developing sections of Andrus.

Setting History 10%


Realms are populated regions of influence under the protection or control of an established culture. The borders of many are more permeable than the human maps would indicate but they are acceptable guidelines.

Setting Realms 35%


Locations of adventure, interest and note. Land marks, ruins and any other strange location that might benefit from more details than the general Realms entry would allow will be found here.

Setting Locations 0%


All the people living, exploring and settling the world are from somewhere. This section provides building blocks for player characters. A starting point for your adventurer.

Setting Heritages 65%

Friends & Foes

Fantasy settings are home to more than just heroes. There are enemies and allies in abundance across the many realms of Andrus. This section tries to provide game masters with the details needed to bring them to life. I am starting with notable creatures and enemies for players to test their mettle against.

Setting Friends & Foes 25%