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About the World of Andrus

Andrus is a high fantasy role-playing game setting. Most fantasy RPG settings are human focused in their nature to maintain some familiarity with players and game masters and simplify the development of cultures. In Andrus I have attempted to wrap variant non-human cultures, often considered monsters, into the primary drivers of the stories and histories being told.

In another shift, i am going to avoid citing specific mechanics. This will allow anyone interested in using the setting to apply their own rule systems. I will cite/link specific examples of source material for general reference.

The vast majority of the source material referenced will be from AD&D and Pathfinder having been cobbled together as the systems evolved.

My initial influences were the Wheel of Time book series, the Al Qadim AD&D campaign setting and the original Stargate movie. How I arrived at an entire world of human-like cultures is a very long and slow evolution.

Fantasy Worldbuilder Outline

Based on Patricia C. Wrede's World Building Questions

Published August 04, 2009 on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America website.

This is referred to an outside-in approach to world development. Build the world and define the how and why of things before establishing the current locale in which the players will begin exploring all these wonderful details.

A. Player's Primer

I. The World

II. Climate, Geography & Geology

III. History

IV. Magic, Faith & Practitioners

V. Cultures & Customs

VI. Professions

VII. Social Organizations

VIII. Commerce, Trade & Public Life

IX. Daily Life

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