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Map: Upper and Lower Andrus
World of Andrus Map

Map created by Tad Davis of iconicmaps.com

The world of Andrus is a high fantasy role playing game setting. It provides most of the expected fantasy setting themes with variations in cultural focus and dominant cultures. There is a broad history, a robust heritage list and a significant number of locations available for finding adventure.

What makes Andrus unique as a role-playing game setting?

The only native cultures to Andrus are the Wild Blood cultures. Two serpentine progenitor cultures, the Naga and Medusa, indelibly marked the evolution of this primal world. The Naga waned and essentially vanished while the Medusa continue to subtly influence through their oracular powers. Humans and Fae arrived after the decline of the Naga Imperium, disrupting ancient balances and establishing their own realms.

In what rule system is Andrus designed to be played?

Andrus began back in the 90’s. 2nd Ed and then 3E were the go-to core systems at that point. However, those systems and all the related legacy systems are very mechanic heavy or ‘crunchy’. I felt like it would be better to focus on the storytelling instead of bogging down the game with piles of rules and rule books.

I recently settled on Gallant Knight Games‘ “Tiny Dungeon 2e” as the core mechanics for Andrus because their rule set does not impede storytelling within the setting. Instead of reinventing the RPG wheel I want to focus on the setting, history, cultures and associated conflicts. To this end, I am specifically avoiding creating new mechanics unless it’s absolutely required.

Where appropriate I will add book and page citation for mechanics and links directly to the source material on DriveThruRPG. At a minimum, you will need the Tiny Dungeon 2E core rule book to explore Andrus. Expanded source books from other authors are cited as appropriate for your convenience. (See the Disclaimer below)

All that said, the setting is built in such a way that you could adapt it easily enough into any rule system you prefer.


I take inspiration from everything in my nearly half century of experiences. Books, movies, history and good old mythology began my journey so many years ago. As I formulated the concepts for this setting, I was running the Arabian Adventures setting in Forgotten Realms (AD&D 2nd Ed era). At the same time, I watched Stargate, read Jordan’s Wheel of Time and absorbed so many more inspiring materials it’s difficult to recall. I’m sure you’ll glimpse bits of the inspiration behind many of my decisions.


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World Map created by Tad Davis of Iconic Maps. Used with permission.