Welcome to RPGOracle.

This group has been playing, in one form or another, since the late 80's/early 90's. The roster of participants shifts with time as life and mortality impose their toll. We've lost three members of our old guard.

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Others have scattered across the country as jobs and family take precedence. We've played with as few as two and as many as 13 players in a group. We've taken trips to Milwaukee for GenCon back in the 90's and even shared a hotel room when it first moved to Indianapolis.

We are currently a group totaling around seven regular participants. A good mix of newer players and vets. We meet bi-weekly as life allows on Saturdays. We have several 'game masters' that take turns telling stories and herding cats.

Currently, I am running a Starfinder based game for the group. I use this site to provide summaries of each session in an attempt to keep everyone 'on track' and generally amused. Sometimes I have time to write a book. Other times it's actually a summary which may get expanded upon later if the story will benefit.

We've discussed jumping into the TTRPG streaming fad but most of us realize we'd get banned or cancelled pretty quick so we're keeping it simple. Just a group of midwestern gamers holding together a social peer-group for our own sanity.