Many, many years ago one of our game masters created his own fantasy setting based on the Open Gaming License 3rd Ed D&D material and then update it to the Pathfinder 1st Ed rules.

Lynnyr is a broad, sweeping fantasy setting with no obvious baggage from established campaign settings. We have adventured across this setting several times since its inception with mixed results and many memories.

We are once again setting out in Lynnyr. This time we’re coming out of the frigid Cold Lands north of the more civilized kingdoms. Thus far we have an oracle, a barbarian, a slayer, a fighter, an inquisitor and a monk. All but the last two are natives of the Cold Lands with the fighter being an Ice Alfar (elf). Everyone else is some flavor of human.

I set out on the journey as Artair Aerodan, a Battle Oracle. I’m trying to model his personality after Floki from the Vikings series on the History channel.

We reached second level and I decided to toss in a level of Sorcerer (Boreal). These two classes track the same primary ability, charisma, so the benefits of arcane and divine spell casting seemed obvious. After forecasting up to 10th level (4th level per class plus two levels of Mystic Theurge) the benefits stack up nicely.

Character background sums up as: Child of a raid bride, mother dies, father killed on subsequent raid so now an orphan. Grows up as an outcast living just outside the village, bullied by native children for being weaker, shorter and darker skinned. His oracle powers emerge along with the associated haunted curse making him even more strange and avoided. Artair was eventually taken under the village shaman’s tutelage to learn more about his life path as an oracle.

Artair is devoted to the Cold Pantheon and asserts divine signs and portents in everyday life and events. He is also fiercely loyal to the people of his village even though they would not show him the same loyalty. This loyalty extends more broadly to the Tey Ros people of the Cold Lands.

Artair knows the barbarian and slayer as they’re from the same village. They’re not great friends but are aware of each other’s existence. The Ice Alfar is an unknown but seems just as confused and bewildered as the rest. The Inquisitor and Monk are outlanders with unknown goals, different beliefs and intolerant of the frigid conditions of the Cold Lands.

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