TatzelwyrmAs many may know, Pathfinder adventures are created for parties of four characters of the same-ish level to experience. We began our session with two, first level characters.

They decided to generated human, female, rogues so I walked each of them through the generation process; abilities, skills, proficiencies, armor, initiative and weapons. We ended up with Amber, the elder sister, and Jayd, two years younger. The ability dice were generous to one and brutal to the other so I massaged the scores to better round them out. I also generated three non-player characters to throw into the mix as needed (a halfling cleric, a gnome ranger and half elf sorcerer).

Here’s the backstory.

You’re half sisters, same father, different mothers. You lived in the city of Olfden till your father sent you to live with his sister in Falcon’s Hollow. You’re not sure about the reason but he said you’d be safe there. Your aunt is a seamstress and her husband works as a lumberjack for the Consortium. You help her with her business and her children.

Recently people began getting sick. The source of the illness was found to be a well tainted with blackscour fungus. Many recover from the resulting illness but the very young and very old are having a hard time. The only relief is various herbal combinations found at the only shop in Falcon’s Hollow.

Your aunt develops the illness, her husband returns to help care for her. You’re sent to Laurel, the Herbalist, for a packet of soothing herbs.

Having never role played in their life I tried to coax a little character out of them mostly to no avail, they seem to think it’s a narrative. After meandering through the conversation with Laurel they were off to find the contact at the logging camp. They approached the camp boss and asked where they could find Milon. The conversation was a bit awkward but he eventually pointed them in the right direction. Speaking with Milon was a little less awkward so they received their points of interest and ventured toward the deep dark woods.

Up first was the Bait encounter. Neither saw the archer in the tree, Jayd was struck by an arrow. Amber returned fire and managed to hit their attacker. Jayd used her spear and managed to hit the Razorcrow. Per the encounter’s engagement terms, the fight was over. The mysterious archer retreated deeper into the woods. They rescued the fox and Amber is carrying it along nursing it back to health. They camped and recuperated a little.

Next up was the Elderwood Moss. Reaching the clearing Amber ran for the tree to climb it. Jayd opted to look for the moss. A Tatzyl Wyrm pounced from the tree and attacked Amber. The battle was fierce, both took damage but finally overcame the beast. Moss in the bag they made camp and rested up till morning.

Another clearing and a creepy cottage. Where oh where did that witch put the rat tail roots? As they start rummaging through the shelves looking for their goal Amber is surprised by the cauldron trying to eat her. The cauldron resisted most of their damage being made of metal but between Jayd’s spear and Amber’s dagger they defeated the animated cook pot. Having defeated the guardian they took time to really rummage through the cottage discovering not only the Rat Tail roots but two minor healing potions and some other goods worth selling.

The last ingredient is on the northern edge of the forest in the ruined Dwarven Monestary. Ironbloom mushrooms are a rare delicacy for dwarves but the current inhabitants of the structure won’t appreciate a couple of humans rooting around.

Overall, a good two hour session of learning the rules and mechanics. There might be hope yet.

Till next session…

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