• Electronic Warfare for Starfinder

    E-War is a real world fact. In a game based in some far flung future with spaceships and faster than light travel they should probably be as ubiquitous as aliens, droids and laser pistols.

  • The Aeon Incident

    Once more into the universe of Sci-Fantasy table top role playing! This will be my second run at GMing Paizo's Starfinder system. This time I've decided to keep it 'simple' with an Adventure Path. Here's [...]

  • Pathfinder, 2nd Edition

    First, let me say, I was skeptical of a second edition because I lived and suffered under the constant development of Basic, 1st Ed and 2nd Ed of Dungeon's & Dragons. It was an arms [...]

Starfinder: Resourceful Privateers

Here we are in June, around 10 sessions under our belts and the journey continues. I've opted for a more narrative level progression loosely tied to actual earned XP. The sketchiest part of the game, [...]

Journal of Jyles Pain

This is Jyles Pain's journal/notes from his recent excursion in the lands of Iuz in the Greyhawk setting. I may swing back and add dialog but I've always sucked a bit at conversations in narrative [...]

Chapter 3; Of Art and Faith…

The next morning the party awoke before dawn and began preparing to leave. Some had business to finish in the city but it was agreed that everyone would meet at the main gate at high [...]

Chapter Two; The Adventuring Band

Goldwin arose the next morning with a splitting headache. Last night was just a hazy memory at best. It was late morning outside. The bed was just so comfortable though. Finally, Goldwin decided it was [...]

Chapter 1; Dreams of Mortality Lost

The mists of memory cleared from his mind as they usually did and he could see the road beneath his feet once again. He knew in the back of his mind that this road would [...]


Some very, very old fiction i dredged up from high school days. It a journal for a character i played in one of our most epic games. I never finished the tale because life and [...]

Starfinder: Ships by Frames

I felt the star ship mechanics, as presented in the core rule book, were lacking in specific examples with clearly graduated advancement. I spent way too much time playing an MMO named EVE-Online so it [...]

Starfinder: Drones

Drones are short range, unmanned vehicles with limited AI. Primary control relies on a Drone Control Unit aboard a host ship. Typically used for combat, maintenance or reconnaissance these robots can be quite useful. In [...]

Starfinder: Fantasy-meet-SciFi

Ship image courtesy of 0-hr.com Over a year ago now Paizo published a system titled Starfinder. It's essentially their fantasy setting with about 10,000 years of advancement tacked on. They retained all the races and [...]