Professions [World of Andrus]

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In most fantasy role playing games what you do is considered a class. On Andrus, what you do for a living is a profession.

  • Odakaar - Fighter Archtypes that follow the edicts of an ancient order; Shield, Sword & Heart.
  • Maje - Kineticists
  • Ley Healer - Vitalist
  • Psion - Psion the most common Caster after Domain

Stock PFSRD Core Classes

  • Barbarian – Warriors of the Wild
  • Bard – Masterpieces
  • Cleric – Domains caster (Cultural Focus)
  • Druid – Domain caster (Nature Focus)
  • Fighter – Bonus Combat Feats
  • MonkUnavailable
  • PaladinUnavailable
  • Ranger – Warriors of the Wild
  • Rogue – Merchants, thugs, outlaws
  • Sorcerer – Arcane caster
  • Wizard – Arcane caster

Stock PFSRD Base Classes

  • Alchemist – Discoveries
  • Cavalier – See Odakaar above
  • GunslingerUnavailable
  • Inquisitor – Domain or Inquisition
  • Magus – Militant Arcane caster
  • Oracle – Mysteries | Curses
  • ShifterUnavailable
  • Summoner – Arcane caster variant
  • VigilanteUnavailable
  • Witch – Arcane caster variant

Stock PFSRD Occult Classes

  • Kineticist – Elements | Infusions | Utility Wild Talents
  • Medium – Spirits
  • Mesmerist – Mesmerist Trick | Masterful Tricks | Bold Stare
  • Occultist – Implement Schools
  • Psychic – Disciplines | Phrenic Amplifications | Major
  • Spiritualist – Phantoms

Stock Dreamscarred Press Psionic Classes

  • Aegis: Surrounded by a protective suit of ectoplasm, the aegis customizes his astral armor to suit his personal taste and the circumstances of the moment. Where a soulknife always has the right weapon for the job, the aegis is always protected from danger.
  • Cryptic: Seeing reality as merely a variety of patterns joined together, the cryptic is capable of finding anything hidden, while at the same time hiding herself away, even in plain view.
  • Dread: The dread is the living embodiment of fear, using that powerful emotion to incapacitate enemies and strengthen himself.
  • Marksman: Combining mental power with thrown or ranged attacks, the marksman is a deadly wielder of ranged weapons.
  • Psion: A master of the mind, a seeker of knowledge of psionics.
  • Psychic Warrior: A soldier who combines psionic power with physical prowess.
  • Soulknife: A warrior who creates a unique weapon out of mental energy.
  • Tactician: Joining allies together into a single cohesive unit, the tactician learns how to turn strategy into reality with his combination of combat expertise and coordinating ability.
  • Vitalist: Masters of healing energy, the vitalist links his allies into a collective that can share healing across any boundary, instead of reserving it for only himself.
  • Wilder: A natural talent with psionics who channels emotion to wield uncontrolled power.
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