Player's Primer [World of Andrus]

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Player's Primer

This is intended to provide the common knowledge available to all people that reside in the lands of Upper Andrus. The more influential or better educated may have more specific details about certain aspects but this should suffice for starting characters.



  • Lizardfolk have been on Andrus since the beginning but their records began as oral traditions passed from Clutch Mother to Hatchling and so are incomprehensible outside their language or lost to memory.


  • The Fae were servants to powerful beings on the Elemental Planes. They earned, were granted or took their freedom and sought a new world on which to settle. Andrus was discovered and gateways were opened for the Fae to enter and settle.


  • Bast'et and Tauran histories, if they exist, are not shared with outsiders.
  • Tauran's are not native to Andrus but how they arrived and what, if any, intentions they have are their own.
  • Bast'et are less diligent about actual history only recording great deeds of renown that tend to fade from memory as the individual does.

Powers That Be

Influence and power shape society and everyday life.

Fae Lands

  • Deepforge Mountains - Home of the Talath Fae. Master craftsmen, shrewd merchants and rugged mountain warriors. The only source of Helak Steel in Upper Andrus.
  • The Winter Marsh or Riverwilds - A generally flat region covered in marshes, rivers and wetlands. The Gaer Fae ply these waterways fishing, trapping and trading. This area provides much of the materials and skill used in building fleet ships that sail the seas.
  • Zephyr Plateau or Crystal Cliffs - Winds from the ocean batter the coastal cliffs producing some of the most unique sounds on Andrus as the weather changes. The Maenal Fae of this land maintain small settlements of older individuals that have grown tired of wandering the rest of the world.
  • BloodFire Forest - This forlorn peninsula is home to the strangest forest of pale, smooth barked trees that bear blood red, broad leaves year round even when the winter winds cover the ground in deep snows. It's said that when a tree is cut, it bleeds. This is the ancestral homeland of the Tallor Fae. Nothing but the ruins of their once great city still stand in this haunting blight.

Wild Lands

  • Pridelands - Home of the nomadic and fiercely independent Bast'et Tribes. Only a handful of what could be called settlements exists primarily for annual festivals and Pridemoots. The Bast'et are avid hunters and provide some of the higest quality and most expensive hides in Upper Andrus.
  • The Hunting Grounds - The only remnant of the ancient Naga Imperium this thick jungle is home of the fierce Nagaji. This is also one of the best places for big game hunting with a thriving population of great lizards. Hunters must request permission to stalk these lands or risk never returning.
  • The Colonies - This peninsula is home of the Lizardfolk settlements on Upper Andrus. Salt marshes, modest villages and savage flora and fauna make traveling this region dangerous without a proper escort.
  • ScaleSeer Spire - On a small piece of land the ancient Medusa established an enclave of Vishkanya to advise the Lizardfolk in their battle against the Naga. As the conflict ended a small contingent remained to assure the Medusa influence would be remembered.
  • Tauran Clanhold - Tucked away over the Deepforge Mountains the Tauran Clans survive and even thrive. Tauran's are industrious, generally social and have mastered the art of sailing in the harsh northern seas.

Casting & Casters

  • Arcane casters are universally shunned due to the typically unintended Arcane Backlash that harms not only the caster but often those around them.
  • Domain casters are healers, soothsayers and are much more common than their arcane counterparts. While not exactly devout worshipers of a deity these individuals powers are typically defined by their convictions.

Lower Andrus

Most inhabitants of Upper Andrus treat stories of Lower Andrus as legend and tall tails since most of the information from that far off land cannot be verified.

Shining Cities of the Oracles

The ancient Medusa Oracles built and live in great coastal cities right on the edge of the ocean.


The source of all Lizardfolk on Andrus. A great and ancient civilization that gild their mighty ziggurat temples in gold and silver.


This place is the topic of many bed time tales. This is where all the boogymen come from and where bad children are dragged to be eaten by the Shadow. No fact about this place is known in Upper Andrus but the power behind the rumors cannot be denied.


This large valley surrounded by mountains is homeland to the Kobolds of Andrus. Industrious and formidable in numbers these creatures breed quickly and keep their natural predators at bay through clever traps and extensive tunneling.

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