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 ====== Nagaji ====== ====== Nagaji ======
 +The original Nagaji were the result of dark magic twisting either Vishkanya or Lizardfolk young. Vishkanya bear living young while Lizardfolk lay clutches of eggs. Depending on the base creature a Nagaji can have drastically different appearance and abilities.
 +Viskanya based Nagaji were typically females. Standing as tall as a human but more slender these creatures are adept shadow warriors and sinister spellcasters. These Nagaji are excellent solo operators as spys and assassins.
 +Lizardfolk based Nagaji tend to be hulking brutes. Typically standing a head taller than the average human these creatures embody their savage ancestry with a magically enhanced innate cunning. These Nagaji are the rank and file warrior, clan leader and work well in groups like war and hunting parties.
 +Since the fall of the Naga Empire Nagaji have been breeding true, mixing both their ancestral heritages. This has lead to a more uniform appearance and normalized innate abilities.
 +Nagaji are long lived. The progenitors of the race were imbued with regenerative abilities by their masters and after the fall of their Emperors many began long bouts of hibernation leap frogging through the ages. Of the few verified encounters it is known that these progenitors can grow to great size and embody powerful, dark magic. These creatures are the source of Nagaji nightmare tales to their young. 
 +The natural lifespan of a Nagaji is triple that of a human. A Progenitor's lifespan is unknown.
 ===== Physical Description ===== ===== Physical Description =====
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