Naga of Andrus [World of Andrus]

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Naga of Andrus


Upper Andrus was home to a sprawling empire ruled by the immortal Royal Naga. What remains of the Naga legacy are twisted, degenerate creatures and the Nagaji.

Naga society is broken into three castes; Royal, Priest and Commoner

Common Naga are bipedal humanoids covered in fine scales. They can pass as human at a distance but seldom maintain the disguise upon closer inspection. Priests are of a similar size as the Common Naga but they have shed their legs for a snake's lower extremities and have developed an affinity for domain magic. Royal Naga are large, powerful creatures possessing both physical power and deep understanding of dark domain and arcane arts. Royal Naga are effectively immortal succumbing to death only through violence and treachery.

Every Naga hatches as a commoner. They can under go a twisted ritual to advance into the next caste but these rites more often prove fatal than successful. As a Naga advances their already long lifespan increases. The ritual is governed by a counsel of the next caste. If a candidate is determined to be unworthy they will be denied their petition.

Naga have tapped into twisted magics of aberrations to alter creatures both physically and mentally. Naga are served or amused by their creations and often use them to engage in blood sport. Naga revere no known deity believing their Royals to be deities.

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