Medusa of Andrus [World of Andrus]

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Medusa of Andrus

Medusae are immortal female serpentine creatures with vast oracular powers. Medusa are broken into two castes, handmaiden and matriarch.

Handmaidens are bipedal humanoids with fine scales and serpents as hair. They retain the power to petrify those that meet their gaze though this is a defensive mechanism and is seldom used.

Matriarchs are large or huge serpents with the upper torso of a beautiful woman, serpent hair and a more powerful petrifying gaze. Matriarchs are immortal and are the only Medusa capable of producing true blood offspring. Hatchlings are rare and typically handmaidens. Matriarchs are powerful oracles with insight only found in ancient and powerful beings. Their grasp of the unseen and unknown is both a gift and a curse.

Medusa Matriarchs are reclusive and rarely grant an audience to any outsider preferring their handmaidens or Vishkanya vassals handle direct interactions.

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