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The Ekhari were nobility before the Masters destroyed their world and brought them to this world as slaves. This attitude has never allowed the Ekhari to be anything but leaders. It was the Ekhari that organized the revolt against the Masters.

The Kyne Daas and Ekahri fought a brutal war that set the Ekahri on the path of leadership and forces the Kyne Daas to the fringes. The remaining noble houses of the Ekahri form the backbone of the human populace. They are the merchant lords and rulers that keep human cultures from falling apart. Their armies are well trained by the best instructors that can be hired.

Physical Description

A typical Ekhari male stands nearly six feet tall with females standing, on average, half a foot shorter.

Skin tones range from dusky to very dark with hair color being deep brown or black. Of note, Ekhari eye color tends toward steel blue with gold not being uncommon.

Dress style tends to reflect the individual's station in their House. The more intricate and ornate the higher station while lowborn or servants within a House are still well clothed they usually blend with the crowds.


Ekhari are very social and enjoy learning about new things; especially if it could lead to a new market. Profit and power guide the highborn while lowborn are always seeking ways to either ascend to a better station or escape their menial position all together.

The farther from a ruling position an individual is generally indicates the level of education and responsibility they have. Highborn children are groomed to assume their parents role as leader of their house. While younger children, lowborn, are typically married for treaties and sent to serve in minor positions of power often looking to further their house's goals and their own station.


The Ekhari are merchants. As such they interact with all other cultures in search of new markets and resources. Interaction between rival Houses however is often direct and ruthless. Each House retains a their own Blade Master and Shadow Master.

The Blade Master is responsible for training and leading the House Guard. These individuals possess unquestioned loyalty to their House.

The Shadow Master works with a network of spys and rogues to traffic in blackmail, smuggling and murder when it serves their House. While not wholly trusted because of their nature these individuals are well compensated for their services.

Alignment & Religion

Being a society controlled by contracts and laws Ekhari tend to be lawful in nature. Ekhari revere their ancestral rulers so the belief from one House to another is different. Each House Lord is personified by a quality or deed accomplished while they ruled. This is intended to inspire the rest of the house to strive to improve on what came before.

Some Ekhari lowborn enter various priesthoods generally in an attempt to gain favor in some way with the clergy or Order.


Bravado, bluster, politics, intrigue and commerce often lead young Ekhari into the following classes; Bard, Cavalier, Fighter, Rogue.

Professions are less of a choice in the typical Ekhari House as many roles are dictated from the current House Lord based on expectations and perceived needs.

Common Names

Racial traits

  • Hit Points: 8
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 25 feet
  • Ability Boosts: One free ability boost
  • Languages: Common
  • Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if it’s positive). Choose from the list of common languages and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).
  • Traits: Human, Humanoid
  • Human Feat at 1st level: Haughty Obstinacy
  • Heritages: Half-Fae, Skilled Heritage & Versatile Heritage

Half-Fae Either one of your parents was a Fae, or one or both were half-fae. You have telltale signs of Fae heritage. You gain the Fae trait and low‑light vision. In addition, you can select Fae, half-Fae, and human feats whenever you gain a culture feat.


Ekhari begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want.

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