PF2 Character Generation [World of Andrus]

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PF2 Character Generation

Game masters are attempting to tell a story and engage the players in a story of imagination.

Character creation generally begins with a concept for what kind of character you'd like to role play followed by what type of character will interact best with the party overall. This is not to force anyone into a designated role but to optimize the fun for the players and fit the characters into the game master's setting.

This generation process is based on the latest Pathfinder 2nd Edition from Paizo Publishing.

Step 1: Choose a Ancestry

From what race are you descended?

Scaly Kind


Other Cultures

  • Bast'et
  • Leshy
  • Tauran
  • Waer

Take note of all the associated ancestral modifiers and attributes. Choose your Heritage and Ancestry Feats as appropriate.

Step 2: Choose a Background

What role did you fill before becoming an adventurer?

Provides an Ability Boost, a Trained Skill and a Bonus Feat.

PF2 Backgrounds

Step 3: Choose a Class

Many professions exists across Andrus. Some are culturally based, others are regionally based. Presented here are the core options available for starting characters. Other, more unusual classes may be discovered and made available through play and exploration.

Please note that some variations are briefly noted next to each profession. This is due to how the class mechanics apply on Andrus. Follow the profession link or confer with the GM to clarify any variations.

What role have you assumed as an adventurer?

  • Bard – Occult Musician/Spellcaster - Standard
  • Druid – Primal Caster - Standard
  • Fighter - Standard
  • Ranger – Wanderer on the Fringe of Civilization, Steward of the Wilderness
  • Rogue – Merchant, Criminal or Thug - Standard
  • Sorcerer – Arcane Caster with Powerful Bloodlines

Step 4: Calculate Ability Scores

All Ability Scores start at 10.

Account for Ability Boosts and Flaws from Culture, Background and Class

  • Boost = +2
  • Flaw = -2

Now that you’ve made the main mechanical choices about your character, it’s time to finalize their ability scores. Do these three things:

  • First, make sure you’ve applied all the ability boosts and ability flaws you’ve noted in previous steps (from your ancestry, background, and class).
  • Then, apply four more ability boosts to your character’s ability scores, choosing a different ability score for each.
  • Finally, record your starting ability scores and ability modifiers.

You should have no ability score lower than 8 or higher than 18.

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