Some very, very old fiction i dredged up from high school days. It a journal for a character i played in one of our most epic games. I never finished the tale because life and then poor memory kept me from getting it all down.

The street was dark and filled with terror in every shadowy crevice. The young maid walked quickly along her way to her secure home, hoping to go unnoticed. Little did she know of the eyes watching her and the minds plotting their evil actions.

Wanting to reach home by the quickest possible route she veered down a narrow ally, her first mistake. About half way through the ally she heard a faint scuff of a boot on the cobblestones behind her. Her natural reaction was to run the rest of the way home but curiosity over powered this instinct and she turned to look behind her, her second mistake. Suddenly the night flashed with brilliant colors and then faded as she saw three figures advancing from the end of the ally toward her.

As the young woman fell into the arms of the thug who had hit her from behind another figure appeared from the mouth of the ally behind the three companions of the assailant. Quiet as death he glided into the ally and approached the four figures. They noticed him almost too late, even though their fate had been sealed even before they had accosted the lady.

The largest, and most likely leader, turned toward the small figure approaching and said in a confident tone,”Leave this place now if you ever plan to see the light of day again, little friend.”

His companions all joined in a chorus of giggles and planned to watch the little man run from their brutish comrade. The four thugs began to surround their new prey and prepared to pounce. However, the stranger had other plans for the evening.

The small figure stood his ground until he was completely surrounded. Then he gave his reply to the leaders bravado. A solid kick to the throat sent the large man flying back into a wall. He slid down the wall, to the ground and slowly, painfully, began to drown as blood seeped into his lungs from his crushed windpipe.

With their largest man down the three other hoods weren’t so sure about their new “victim. The one” who felled the woman was the next to act. He moved swiftly, as any professional killer does, and drove a two foot, serrated blade deep into the side of the small but deadly man.

The response to this was not as simple as the thug was planning. Every other man he knew would have fallen dead at his feet from a wound as wicked as this, not counting the poison that was ever present on this blade. The small figure lashed out with a back hand and knocked the astonished murderer back to the street. There he lay, dead of a broken neck. The knife that protruded from the man’s side was the focus of the last two thugs who looked like they had just seen a ghost, or worse.

Pulling the knife from his side the figure attempted to hand it to one of the last two still standing. Chuckling to himself he dropped the knife at their feet and took a step back.

The duo then looked at the blade and saw what used to be a fine blade, corroded till it was useless as a blade of any kind. Exchanging fearful glances they began to back away form this obviously inhuman opponent.

“You can have the wench,” one said.

“She ain’t worth dying for, just let us go,”the other pleaded.

“The only thing I hate worse than inept criminals are cowardly ones,”the stranger said in a eloquent yet bone chilling voice. Then he began to shiver and the two hoods froze in their tracks out of uncertainty. That was their last mistake. As they watched, the small figure appeared wracked with pain. Then just as the shivers subsided the form exploded into a blur of steel-gray fur and before they could even scream their last prayers they were ripped apart by the jaws of the creature known only as Goldenfang.

When the maiden finally awoke she was looking at an elegant half elven figure. Her belongings had been gathered neatly near her. He helped her to her feet with out a word and together they exited the ally. Her head was still a bit hazy and she had a splitting headache, there looked to have been a great battle of some sort. It appeared as though there were, at one time, four bodies two of which had been ravaged by some wild creature. Perhaps she had been accosted by some evil denizen of the night. Then this fellow, and his four companions, had come to rescue her. If that was indeed the reason for the carnage then this gentleman had just lost some of his friends.

She hesitated then asked,”Did you know those poor souls?”

With a startled glance at her he replied,”In a manner, yes. Calm your unease, no one will mark their passing.”

Gathering her wits, yet still confused a bit she introduced herself,”My name is April. Thank you for coming to my aid. I and my family are in debit. Surely, my father will reward you and possibly cover the cost of burial for those others.”

“I apologize, I cannot escort you to your home. As for the disposal of those others, I believe I the clergy can better attend to that,”he explained. “My thanks to you however. ”

“I understand… I think.”she said awkwardly, “May I at least know your name that I can recount this tail in your praise?”

He thought for a moment and said,”Most refer to me as Goldenfang. That was the title given to me by the people in this city. However, my birth name is Goldwin Gryphon.”

“Strange title for one so well mannered,she wondered “aloud. The name sounded familiar but the reason why eluded her.

Just watching him walking beside her now began to stir pleasant feelings deep within her. Slightly flushed at such thoughts she said,”It would please me greatly to see you again, if you were to remain in town awhile yet.”

He smiled a pleasant smile and said,”I move around quite a bit, the bard’s blood in my veins hasn’t cooled so much that I can settle in one place for long yet. I am flattered though.”

They had arrived at a corner just a short distance from young April’s home. Goldwin stopped and said,”I must retire now. Your house is not far and I’ll be close till your safe. ”

That said, he looked deep into her eyes and she into his. Her thoughts began to blur, the headache faded and then, in a daze, she stepped close and embraced him. At that moment, eyes still locked together, he kissed her.

It was a warm, deep, kiss that bares a person’s soul. As it came to an end he broke away from the young woman, turned and melted into the shadows of a dark ally.

Suddenly she became conscious of where she was and what the time was. Startled at this she turned and started down the street toward home and safety. One never knows what might happen on the city streets at night. The memory of the last few moments and the ally were like a fading dream in her mind already.

Goldwin stood silently in the ally and watched as his power took effect on the woman. He had almost fallen into the trap he had been avoiding for all these decades now. Once, long ago, he had actually fallen in love with a woman and let her remember everything she had learned. He had explained too much for his own good. That particular relationship had proven to be a very narrow escape from the town clergy and the her father’s torch. After that he had vowed to maintain a distance from his “meals”as much as possible. Occasionally he felt guilty but he reminded himself that if not for his intervention most of these women would have been beaten, robbed, raped or worse. Still, the price of his services seemed expensive when compared. He also reminded himself that many of his brethren would take much more than just the memories to feed on. He only took enough to survive, for a while at least.

As dawn crept into the sleepy city Goldwin’s material shape melted into mist and glided over the cobblestones till he found a sewage drain. It might not smell overly pleasant but who in their right mind would track him down here? Even if they did they would be in for a huge surprise. Goldwin had pondered once, which would be worse, the vampire’s guardian or the vampire that chased the hunter into the sunlight to battle the would-be-slayer there? An interesting question, one that Goldwin had never been forced to answer in his ninety seven years as one of the undead kings known as, Vampire.

Goldwin reached the chamber he had called home for at least fifty of those long years and resumed his normal form. Looking around the chamber he used as his quarters he found that, as usual, nothing was disturbed.

His only minion and guardian, a huge black widow spider, scurried up to him for acknowledgment. Goldwin patted the creature’s bulbous body and scratched the blood red hour glass of it’s underbelly. Sending it to it’s post while he readied for a days rest. Goldwin began to reflect on his history up to this point and all the things he had learned.

Settling in for the day he hoped he wouldn’t dream. Of all the things in the world that was the only thing he feared openly. Most of the dreams that he had were haunted by the faces and voices of the people he had killed. Though, one poor soul, beyond the others, haunted his dreams most of all. He had accidentally killed the child by feeding until there was no more to be had. This was the face that tormented him most.

“If only I could turn back the sands of time and stop my youthful foolishness.”he thought to himself as he drifted deeper into oblivion. Ah, sweet oblivion.