Shield of the Raven Legion

So, new GM, new game, old setting and rules. We’re going back to old school AD&D 2nd Ed and Greyhawk.

My character will be a classic Warrior-Fighter with the Myrmidon Kit from the Complete Fighter’s Handbook. Plain old DPS and Meat Shield roles.

Our GM is starting us at 3rd level so there’s some advantage but reacquainting with the 2nd Ed rule set is a complete blast from the past. How did we not all become rocket scientists with all this oddball math to track staples like Initiative and Armor Class. Let alone the counter intuitive ‘target number or lower’ for ability and Non-Weapon Proficiency checks.

Back to the character. Myrmidons are professional soldiers so part of a standing military force, a mercenary company or a bandit. I opted to go the mercenary route and created a Company portfolio to ‘help’ the GM with boatloads of information that may or may not be used against me later.

Sounds like we’re starting after the end of the Greyhawk Wars so the dark forces of Iuz have consumed a large part of the north and everyone is recovering. We’re all starting floating in the Nyr Dyv after our slave galley, on which we were all slaves, was attacked and destroyed. No gear, no support but ourselves and we’re floating toward the northern shore currently claimed by Iuz’s forces. Did I mention we have a Paladin in the group, yeah, fire and brimstone Paladin of Pholtus… He’s doomed but I think the rest of us can make it 😛

Our party consists of a fighter, a ranger, a priest of Kord and a paladin of Pholtus. No weapons, no armor, no food and no safety.

Should be a great first session!