Currently enjoying a pathfinder based game in our game master’s home-brew setting. This is my character’s background story. Yes, I’m role playing a female. It’s good to shake things up on occasion.

I pulled the portrait from DeviantArt somewhere linked from Pinterest. A slight adjustment on the eye color made it fit.

Born deep in a swamp to a mother that she would not know, a young child was left on the doorstep of a trapper shack at the edge of the foul waters.

Discovered by the trapper’s wife Miramel, the child was immediately taken in and welcomed, until her husband, Bedyval, returned home.

This orphaned child was a beauty to behold, unnaturally so it seemed to the trapper. Dark hair, fair skin and differently colored eyes, gold and blue, marked the child as something more than human. Not a bright man Bedyval was superstitious enough to believe the child harbored some dark secrets in her origin. He delivered the infant to a local orphanage run by an elderly elven matron.

Ainare was an elder among her people but she was far from the nearest elvish settlement. Some speculated that she had been cast out for un-elf-like behavior others whispered that she was in self-exile over a lost love. Whatever her circumstances, she established an orphanage and cared for many children throughout her long life.

When Ainare met the small, beautiful infant she inquired about a name for the child from Bedyval. He replied over his shoulder as he left that his wife had taken to calling her Beatrix.

Ainare knew this child was unlike most of the orphans in her care and as Beatrix grew it became more apparent. She took to learning very quickly mastering several languages by her eighth Summer.

Around this time Beatrix began to manifest other strange traits besides the oddly colored eyes. Once in defending herself from a bully she wounded the larger child with razor sharp claws. She also discovered that she had no need for a light source at night seeing just as clearly in light or dark.

What Beatrix possessed in intellect and beauty, however, she lacked in wisdom and self-control. Beatrix rarely interacted with the other children unless she was manipulating them into some sort of mischief on her behalf or for her amusement. Ainare quickly learned that if Beatrix was watching another child get scolded it was likely that she had a hand in the trouble.

On her twelfth summer Beatrix made a new friend, a strange raven. She suddenly learned the guttural language of goblins and spent hours conversing with the Raven. They wandered the local wilderness seeking out odd herbs and other strange items. By Beatrix’s fourteenth summer it was apparent to Ainare that she had been learning arcane arts from the Raven.

Aghast at such a development the matron demanded that Beatrix send the raven away and return to more ladylike studies as she was fast approaching becoming an adult. Refusing, Beatrix left in the darkest night traveling with her raven companion to the nearest city.

A beautiful young girl in a large city with no money has few options to survive. With guidance from her raven Beatrix arrived on the doorstep of a Temple of Calistra. The sisters immediately took the girl in and tutored her in the many ways of the savored sting. Beatrix flourished in the newly discovered sisterhood. Once ready to be formally accepted into the church she took a new name, Manx Darkthorn.

Now seventeen summers have passed and Manx has discovered her talents and innate abilities have grown, but a strange dream haunts her sleep. A voice emanating from a dark, foggy swamp beckons to her. She feels a familiarity within this voice but it also triggers warnings and occasionally, panic. Could this be the source of her strange abilities?