So long Seattle, hello Chicago.

I ended my previous Shadowrun session based in Seattle because i just wasn’t feeling the system. It’s such a mechanics heavy system that it’s hard to find a story line to care about. I’ve never been a big fan of game mastering modern settings. It’s too easy for players to poke holes in familiar settings or constantly compare the game with how things work in real life. Distracting to say the least.

I’ve accepted the challenge to try running Shadowrun again with a different group of players. This time, however, i’m establishing more control from the outset. The players will generate a coherent group with a predetermined reason for working together at least initially. I’ve been reading up on Ares Fireteams and other rapid response teams similar to modern day SWAT. The team will be one of these types of units. Initially they will be Corp Sponsored like an Ares Fireteam, Knight Errant or Lonestar. After a few sessions they’ll be able to ditch and move on to freelance if they like.

The party will begin in the Chicago Metroplex running published missions from Shadowrun 5. I’ve started using Realmworks to develop the area and will utilize it to track any pop-up missions or opportunities as the game progresses. I’m building up Chicago and Seattle both to allow some cross country missions. I’m building NPCs in Herolab so that i can advance and scale encounters and contacts appropriately for interaction with the team. Herolab portfolios can be linked within Realmworks allowing for very quick reference to all the information i’d need to keep up with my players.

I’ve found some awesome map resources for both cities using Google Maps as a baseline. Some very talented game masters have converted much of the geographic information into online maps for ease of reference.

These, coupled with all the details i can flesh out in Realmworks, will help me keep the game moving along.