Freelancing in Hutt Space

fantasy-flight-games-header-1522x864Star Wars. What do those two words mean to you? As a member the generation that doesn’t remember a time before the lore and stories for the universe created and presented by George Lucas I’ve been exploring the extended universe through role playing since the first rule system created by West End Games.

Now, we’re back, gallivanting across the space lanes wreaking havoc at nearly every cross road.

Fantasy Flight Games released the most recent rule set for the setting. Nothing too complicated, just some specialty dice and a system that lends itself to a narrative style of play. Lots of action and cinematic flair.

Thus far, we’ve busted out of a prison, stolen a freighter and jumped right into bed with a criminal organization hauling questionable cargo in and around Hutt Space.

We have an apparently new YT-2400 light freighter. It’s an updated version of the classic YT-1300 a.k.a. “Millennium Falcon”. The above image is a good representation.

We are three humans, two smugglers and an explorer trying to find a way to make some fast credits and avoid getting caught.

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