Droskars_CrucibleOnward to Droskar’s Crucible to find the last ingredient.

After an uneventful half day’s travel through the forest our heroes top a wooded hill and get their first look at the deteriorated structure. Being mid day they decide to explore the ruins before nightfall. They begin with the single intact tower accessible through the courtyard. After several attempts they force the swollen door from its hinges and gain access. While poking around they draw the attention of a giant spider living in the dense webs above. A battle ensues but they dispatch the creature with little trouble.

Then, it’s a choice of two doors. One, a double door, is obviously the main entrance to the ruined halls. The second appears to be a service or side entrance. Our intrepid adventurers decide to split up. Amber takes the double doors and Jayd enters the single side door.

Upon entering the side door Jayd has to adjust to the sudden murky light and then moves down the hall. A closed door appears on her right. She tries to open it quietly to no avail.

On entering the large main entrance Amber finds herself at a cross hall. She decides to go right, a noise draws her attention as she nears a corner. Sounds like someone fiddling with a door. There in the dark hall is Jayd still working on getting her door open. Amber approaches and makes short work of the old door. They enter what appears to have been an armory that has long since been looted. A quick search of the room provides two discoveries. Amber finds three well made cross bow bolts. Jayd discovers a secret door.

They ready themselves and open the secret door. A short hall full of dust and cobwebs appears to have been long forgotten. As they proceed down the hall it appears to have been a prison. Piles of bones lay scattered in the first three cells. As they peek into the last cell they hear the bones moving and three dwarven skeletons attack. After a heated battle our adventurers are victorious but wounded. Having grown late in the day they decide to close the strong armory door and the secret door to rest for the night and recover. In the last cell is another skeleton laying peacefully on the bunk. On its hand is a ring and within it’s chest cavity grows several ironbloom mushrooms!

Their quest complete the duo emerge after their nights rest to explore the ruins further. The first door just down the hall has something moving behind the mostly closed door. Jayd alerts the creatures in the room to their presence when the door creaks. Two wolves stop gnawing on a carcass and turn to attack the rogues. Thinking quickly Amber pulls the door closed and they run through the main doors hoping to escape. The wolves manage to get the door open and catch up to them in the courtyard. A pitched battle ensues, Jayd is rendered unconscious and Amber is fading when a crossbow bolt hits one of the wolves and a flaming projectile catches the other one. The wolves turn to deal with the new threat while Amber looks to aid her sister.

A moment later a ray of light strikes Jayd and she awakens ready for combat again. The battle moves outside the walls where a gnome warrior and halfling spellcaster have engaged the wolves. Soon the first wolf falls and the second flees. The new arrivals introduce themselves as Odis and Kyra. They were sent by Laurel to find the girls or return with the ingredients. Happily, they have achieved both goals.

Upon returning to Falcon’s Hollow the ingredients are quickly combined to provide a cure for the blackscour infection.