A Break from Fantasy

zaratosOk, so it occasionally happens, we break from exploring fantasy realms to experience other genres. This time happens to be a super hero game system called SUPERS Revised. We started with the Triumphant game system but have converted for various reasons. We use Google Hangouts to connect players and GM across the country. Voice, video and shared resources make this a very simple process.

The game is set in Arbor City. I envision a gritty metropolis much like Gotham is for Batman. The story of how ‘super heroes’ emerged can be found on the game masters blog: Arbor’s Deep Shade along with our activities from the last session.

I am generally not enthusiastic about superhero genre games. I was never big into comics, rarely watched typical super hero cartoons so my interest was less than stellar. Every time we played Marvel or Champions or DC I always struggled with a truly ‘unique’ superhero because it’d always come out just like some obscure hero or villain i’d never heard about. Discouraging to say the least and it seemed to affect my enjoyment of and immersion in the game sessions.

For this game I dived into into the character building; how the character became a super hero. I opted for a Brick/DPS character with other planar ties and fire… LOTS of fire.

An antiquities restoration specialist’s life is one of quiet solitude and meticulous detail. Preoccupied by a particularly difficult restoration project Samuel didn’t even know about the Evenshade Event.

Holed up with an ancient book of arcane lore, attributed to the Magi Ostanes ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ostanes ), it’s no wonder he started hearing a voice. This voice started to influence his thinking and finally, one day, the voice had a face; in the mirror staring back at him. Then came the black outs and lost time. It was during this time that the crime rate in his small neighborhood started declining and rumors of a menacing figure protecting the area surfaced. Samuel began to be concerned that he had inadvertently summoned a true demon.

Ultimately he turned to a trusted mystic, Dr. Arturo Plinae, to help him exorcise the spirit. Instead of banishing the entity, it manifested; much to the dismay of the Dr. Plinae. Samuel doesn’t recall the episode at all but Dr. Plinae informed him that the entity now connected to him was a manifestation of protection. The connection was likely created by the Evenshade Event, his subconscious and influences from the ancient tomes he has restored.

Knowing now he wasn’t insane he spends time conversing with his alter ego to learn about the things from his library of antiquities. This practice often draws strange looks when Samuel is in public. Samuel has constructed a meditation chamber in the basement of his small shop for the purpose of conversing with Zaratos in order to explore the knowledge they now share.

Zaratos, as the entity has introduced itself, is a powerful creature wielding amazing strength, a tough hide and wicked claws wreathed in searing hellfire. Zaratos revealed that he once served as an Angel known as Samael.

“Samael (Hebrew: סמאל‎) (also Sammael, Samil) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is accuser, seducer and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil.”



Ok, so, after playing the character and working up all this background stuff it came to my attention that this is pretty much the backstory for Ghost Rider… dammit…

However, I’ve enjoyed building and playing this character so i’m gonna stick with it. Maybe this will be the system that hooks me on the genre.

First session of Chapter 2, Monday March 7th.

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