Hello Holiday Slowdown

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have been refining my World of Andrus wiki content since setting it up. I’ve come to the conclusion that the path of least resistance is the best one; I’m citing and linking Pathfinder OGL content in every entry where it’s applicable and focusing on the flavor and re-crafting content so it meshes with my initial vision. Thus far I’ve managed to get entries on 90% of what I have had rolling around for over 15 years in notes and my head. Getting it down for review has helped educate me on the ‘mechanics’ of races, classes and monsters.

Combing through all this has also afforded me the chance to eliminate the obvious influences of authors i happened to be reading while developing my ideas. How playable would a leashed spell caster really be? Why would another player accept being ‘bonded’ to another character? They’re cool literary tools but the mechanics in a role playing game would be nightmarish.

I’ve realized that i need a map. I had one way back at the beginning generated using Wilbur and Campaign Cartographer 2. Seems that i’ve lost the data files somewhere. I’m going to have to reproduce it or restart the process based on hard copy notes. Might be a good time to re-imagine the whole setting anyway. The question is do i focus on a single continent or generate landmasses of the entire world to be ‘fleshed out later’? I’m leaning toward a single continent for simplicity. Work out the scale and scope before opening Pandora’s box with a pile of other land masses to distract myself further.

I’m nowhere near producing a source book style publication for my setting but ironing out all the oddities has really illustrated how much work goes into generating role playing game content. It’s more than just coming up with odd names and themes. Being able to find parallels using Pathfinder and other publisher’s OGL content has really been grease for the creative machine.

Through this process I’m also working with a longtime friend on his campaign setting material. He’s been actively working on his setting since the mid 90s and generated a very detailed map using Profantasy’s Campaign Cartographer software. He is utilizing OGL content as well so i’ve tried to help him streamline his process as i’ve wandered through my processes. His world is very much more developed than my own having been under active design and play for the last decade.

I will likely setup another Wiki for his content as we get into publishing his original content. This will be a significant project based on the volumes of game notes and development content. Fortunately most of his content is in MSWord or OneNote so it should be alot of cut-n-paste work with layout, spelling and syntax corrections as needed.

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