Dokuwiki wins, for now

I have decided to build a wiki for specific topics like my World of Andrus so that I can stay focused as i’m entering information. Hopefully i can grow this ecosystem with minimal trouble and maybe dedicate more time to content creation.

The lack of a database and simplicity of backup really won me over. The formatting is simple enough. Building the structure has also turned out to be fairly simple as you just create a link, click on it and create the associated page.

No uber cool templates but that’s not the point really. I need to get the information up and be able to cross link as needed within the content. I am leaning heavily on the d20 Pathfinder System Reference Documents as i don’t have the time, patience or willingness to reinvent the mechanics.

I will keep WordPress as my ‘blog’ updating what’s going on in the wiki(s) as i set them up.

For now you can visit the World of Andrus wiki and see what’s new.

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