The Yikaria have not always been able to enter the world of Oerth. They have watched Oerik through out much of it’s history and found the planar gates to this world locked. However, when the Great Binders were created by the Suloise and used to trap the Efreet Sorcerer King and several other Noble Genies the inner planar gates to Oerik opened. Slowly, with the aid of their Dao slaves, the Yikaria began to filter into the various mountain ranges of Oerik and build subterranean temples to their Faceless God. With this activity the Faceless One entered the Pantheon of Oerik unnoticed by the other powers due to the constant struggle for power and domination. The only proof of his existance is the occasional idol discovered deep in the mountains.During the reign of the Seul Empire -5166 CY (350 SD) the Yikaria made an attempt to sway the courts of the Suloise to their influences. When the seventh Regency was appointed two of the Regents, immediately turned on the third and destroyed him in the First Regent War, claiming that he was ‘possessed by evil beings’. Actually, they were correct. The Yikaria had assumed the role of the Regent using their magical abilities. With their normally undetectable powers discovered the Yikaria decided to wait and watch.

In -5003 CY (513 SD) the Third Regents War overthrew the Regency Council. Tilorop, great grandson of the regent used by the Yikaria, was appointed Priest Regent and, his creation, the first Suloise lich, Arinanin, proclaimed himself Chief Regent of the Seul Empire. The Yikaria left the doomed Empire to crumble at it’s own pace. Not even the Yikaria would tempt the beings of the Negative Material plane.

After the Suloise and Bakluni destroyed each other’s empires the Yikaria followed the migration of the various racial lines and kept track of the developing power structure. Always keeping to the periphery and eliminating all who would discover them. The Yikaria developed a formidable underground communication and slavery network across the Flaness.

In 479 CY, with the growth of Iuz on the increase and incursion of humanoids becoming more common, the Yikaria saw the coming conflict and began planning their establishment of a powerful humanoid host. They wished to have a more direct influence in the politics of Oerik.

By usurping control of a few humanoid tribal leaders the Yikaria motivated the conquest of the Pomarj. With the Pomarj secured, in 557 CY the Yikaria contributed to the rise of the Slave Lords in the Drachensgrab Hills to increase their stock of slaves.

With the success in the Pomarj the Yikaria attempted to make the same move in 563 CY and were successful in taking the Bone March in much the same manner. However, due to discovery of the Yikaria and countermeasures on the part of the Great Kingdom’s Infernal minions, the Yikaria have lost control of their humanoid pawns. This is soon to be rectified. The Yikaria do not tolerate failure.

Finally, in 583 CY the Yikaria, once again, see an opportunity to strike a decisive blow to the humans. By manipulating the humanoid tribes of the Hell Furnace and Crystalmist Mountains they readied a massive assault. With a few subtle manipulations the Pomarj acted as a distraction and the attack of Geoff, Sterich and the Yeomanry begins. This action left the Yikaria holding Geoff, Sterich and a suitable amount of slaves to please their Faceless God.

These actions and the measure of success greatly pleased the Faceless One. However, the end of the War marked the redistrbution of military strength. Further plans of conquest have been held.

Until another great war erupts the Yikaria will be satisfied with their successes and security. The humans will war again and the Yikaria will be ready to seize the opportunity.

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