Scarlet Brotherhood’s True Agenda

When the Great Binders were created by powerful Suloise mages and used to trap the Genie Sorcerer King and several other powerful Genies the Inner Planar gates to Oerik opened. Unknown to the Suel mages this opening was just what the evil race of humanoids known only as the Yikaria needed to enter Oerth.

In ancient times the Suel were not only masters of the magical energy permeating all things but of the energy within the human mind. Combining these two very different but equally powerful energies the Suel were capable of great feats beyond most other races or human cultures of that time. The ability to tap into the mind and do even rudimentary tasks was inborn and most citizines in the Suel Empire with even a little pure Suloise blood were able to learn the skills of reading minds and communicating without words. This was to become their defense agianst the Yikaria.

Upon entering Oerth the Yikaria began to seek out powerful and influential people in the lands around them. The Suel Empire was a ripe target. No civilization had advanced as much or become so enlightened. Their capitol cities were like magnets to the cells of Yikaria. Used to and accomodating of different races the Yikaria were allowed to travel openly through the empire. Through the use of their magical skills and innate abilities they began to spread the worship of their foul god, the Faceless God, throughout the empire. Through this cult they began to gather slaves and sacrifices from the populace of the greatest empire of the age.

The Suel gods disliked the idea that their worshipers were being taken from them but their hands were tied so long as the Faceless God made no move against them directly. Thus they directed their faithful to find a weakness of this new race and use it to cast out Yikaria and those who would not cease worshiping their god.

The Suel priesthood discovered that their mind magics could sense the influences of the Yikaria and their innate abilities. Using this power they focused on searching out every cell of Yikaria and destroying them as well as defiling their temples. This sect of the Suel priesthood became known as the Brotherhood of the True Faith. Monastic and masters of infiltration, manipulation and unarmed martial combat the Brotherhood had little difficulty in thier duties. The entire populace feared being labled as a heretic since the Brotherhood answered to no law but that of their gods. Entire villages were wiped out from even the suspicion of being under the influence of the Faceless God or providing sanctuary for his followers.

After the conflict with the Bakluni began to increase the Brotherhood’s quest seemed less important and finished in the larger, more important cities of the empire, the Yikaria had been forced out of the primary cities of the Suel Empire. The Brotherhood went into dormancy.

Following the Rain of Colorless Fire and the Great Devastation the Suel fled their homeland into the eastern parts of Oerth over the Crystalmists and Hellfurnace Mountians.

The largest part of the Brotherhood of the True Faith traveled southward and became known as the Scarlet Brotherhood due to their scarlet garb, indicating their purity of blood and purpose, and monastic lifestyle. Settling far to the south and away from the main conflicts of the other peoples and tribes of Oerth the Brotherhood waited for the call to arms once more against the Yikaria from their gods.

The call has been recieved and the Brotherhood is on the move to rid the entire continent of Oerth of the Yikaria threat. The rest of the civilized lands fear the stories and myths surrounding the Brotherhoods true reason for exisitng. It is true that they hold no other race above their own. But it is also true that they want to keep the Yikaria from manipulating the whole continent into slavery to their evil Faceless God.

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