Genie Origin

Deep Studies and Survival

Long ago, ages before time was recorded by the human tribes of Oerth, Bakluni wizards learned to manipulate the elements and excelled in this devotion. This path was to open doors to possibilities never before dreamed of by any human, immortality.

Where their enemy, the Suel, discovered the power of life after death and trafficking with infernal beings, the Bakluni discovered a much greater but more complex path to immortality and power.

Great Bakluni wizards began to infuse themselves with the purest essence of the elemental planes in an attempt to gain more complete control over them. Little did they know the consequences of their actions. But I get ahead of the true story.

In the beginning, the Bakluni struggled to understand and adapt to their surroundings in order to survive. Istus, Our Lady of Fate, smiled upon the scattered and struggling tribe and they discovered divine magics to aid in their survival. Not long after this the younger sibling of Fate, Zann, revealed the methods of harnessing and commanding the forces of magic to work for those who came to be known as Wizards.

As time passed on and conflict with the Suel Empire grew the Bakluni sought more and more power. Many wizards began to bind elemental creatures into service to aid against the powerful magics of the Suel. The secret of capturing the essence of these elemental creatures was discovered and it was found that by imbibing these essences certain powers could be gained. However these essences, unknown to the wizards, were extremely addictive. It was discovered that after a person consumed a particular elemental essence they could not partake of any other type of elemental essence. The effect of mixing different types of elemental essence was a dramatic and destructive consumption of the victim’s body.

A tolerance for the essence began to build and eventualy wizards were consuming nothing but the essence. At this point theyceased being wholly human and were permanently enhanced with mastery of the chosen elemental province. Along with this enhanced magical ability a wizards physical form began to change. They began to acclimate themselves to their individual elements and, in the final stages of the transformation, they crossed the breach into the appropriate elemental plane. Most believed they would never be seen again, they were wrong.

During the final stages of the war between the Bakluni and Suel Empires the Bakluni sought long and hard for a greater power to strike the ultimate destructon on the Suel Empire. Fate answered their prayers with beings of extreme power and cunning, genie.

At the site known as Tovag Baragu the genie powers and the Bakluni were reunited. The genie sought retribution against the Suel not only for their descendents pleight but because the Suel imprisioned some of the most powerful of their numbers and they wished to free them. The genie had dealt with the God Dorgha Torgu and petitioned this deity to intervene on their behalf. Enraged at the Suel’s trapping of beings akin to himself he agreed to help. The bargain struck and the power gathered, the Rain of Colorless Fire began.

This single action resulted in the banishment of Dorgha and his eventual disfavor of all genie. But that is another story.

So, now you see, the genie and Bakluni fates are intertwined. The genie agreed to serve their mortal kin when summoned and are less likely to answer the call from a wizard not of Bakluni descent. In return, the Bakluni wizards agreed to free trapped genies they discover.

Structure of Genie Society

When the Bakluni wizards ascended to their chosen elemental province they were few and scattered. The benevolence of the deity, Dorgha Torgu, allowed them to survive and even thrive. Glad for the company Dorgha adopted the genie as his own children and tought them the ways of greater Elemental Magic. After establishing their strongholds the genie began to trade for resources and favors.

Soon other denizins of the elemental planes began to gather around the large genie settlements and add their own skills and power to the burgoning empires.

True Elementals were the only exception to this socialization of the Elemental Planes. They react indifferently to genies unless provoked and even then their power is pale in comparison. Genies have been known to bind elementals into their service but this is a rare practice. Even so an Elemental will not make any attempt to aid a genie in anyway.

The genie societies slowly evolved toward the alignment of their respective planes. Either pure chaos or law rule in the elemental planes. Good and Evil are relative and of less importance to individual inhabitants.

Wizards still transform into genies from the prime material plane. The Formula of Transformation is different for each type of genie. Each formula is contained in it’s total form only in a single tome jealously guarded by the respective genie type. Use of these tomes is strictly controlled by each ruler of the genies. If a potential candidate is found, the court of the appropriate ruler must be petitoned to allow the mortal to discover the tome and be led through the transformation.

The only other way for a mortal to become a genie through a wish. This will create a common genie who is then bound to the service of mortals in some sort of container for 1000 years.

Upon completion of the Formula, genie laws require initiates to serve as Gen, lesser genies, before attaining any semblance of the full genie’s power. Service is typically to a mortal or other creature as a fetch and carry style servant. They can, however, gather the power for spells to be used by their masters, no matter the master’s race. In Oerth, wizards with Gen familiars are extremely rare. More common but still very rare are priests with Gen servants.

The Path to Elemental Ascendence

The Bakluni Elemental Wizards were innovative and thorough in their search for eternal perfection through Elemental Ascendence. Initially they created items which imbued the users with the power of the elements. Other wizards have copied their early success and even improved upon them. The following are a list of the more common items and spells with descriptions.

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