May god stand between you and harm in all the empty places you must walk. ~ an ancient blessing

Welcome to the Vast. Deep space holds riches and horrors in disturbingly equal measure.


This corner of the universe is home to the Ki Nebula that produces new stars from its thick core of base gasses. Largely unexplored, only the edges of the nebula have been tentatively surveyed and cataloged. Some unknown phenomena prevents access to the Drift while within the nebula. This makes full exploration a very lengthy, costly and dangerous prospect as there's no easy jump back to any other regions for resupply or assistance.

Just outside the influence of this dampening effect a deep space station, the Astraeus Terminal, has been placed with a transit beacon to allow reliable travel to and from the other regions.

After years of exploration and lost ships, two-star systems just inside the nebula have been surveyed and marked for resource harvesting.

Oryx Extraction Management own and operate the various stations and outposts throughout both systems. They also manage staffing for all the activities throughout the sector.